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New Camera


MonkeyThe oxalis in the kitchen.  The camera does great close ups.  Fun!




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Egad.  Two psychologists from the University of Texas wrote a book entitled Why Women Have Sex.  One of the authors is a woman–couldn’t she just have explained why she has sex to her co-author?  And then they could have gone off and had sex together, or found some other people and done it with them.  Then they might not have felt the need to inflict the general public with a book entitled Why Women Have Sex (unless of course one or both were up for tenure).

Has anyone ever entitled a book Why Men Have Sex?  No.  Why?  Because everybody presumes that men like sex.  Which is manifestly untrue, as any woman who has gotten around a little bit can tell you.  There’s a reason that Viagra is so popular.  I suppose I ought to feel sorry for the poor male dears who are burdened with the cultural expectation that all men want to be sexual athletes.  But sympathy for men is difficult to come by, given the cultural burden of sex that women carry virtually from babyhood.

One of these is that women are presumed not to like sex.  I suspect this belief stems from the days when women faced the probability that almost any unplanned sexual encounter entailed the possibility of pregnancy, and so they were understandably reluctant to engage in casual sex.  (I was living in a women’s dorm when news came that the pill was available.  Instant party!)  Theoretically, with the advent of reliable birth control, women are free to engage in sex whenever and with whomever they like.  But of course another belief is in place to discourage that:  the belief that women who like sex are sluts.

But liking sex seems perfectly natural to me.   We have to eat, drink, and defecate in order to remain healthy.  Most of us like doing these things (who can deny the pleasure of taking a good dump?)   I would argue that sex is an equally important function of a healthy life, although it is more like brushing your teeth than eating insofar as one can live without it (sad to say) even though it is good for your health.

The natural function of sex–pleasure–is just lost on Christians.  When they figured out that the pill freed women up to have all the sex they wanted, they were alarmed.  When they learned that women are not always happy about becoming mothers, they were shocked.  And pissed because women are having sex without their permission and without the threat of punishment.  That’s what their continuous whining over abortion and birth control is really about.  They want to put women back in the place where having sex costs them something–like twenty-plus years of enslavement to a dependent being.

I’m going to get really nasty here and say that Christian women support anti-choice policies for three reasons:  (a) they are lying in order to avoid a beating;  (b) they’ve been abandoned by some dude who left them with a passel of kids and have to take their (just) anger out on somebody;  (c) they’ve never had good sex because their husbands either don’t like sex or believe that the missionary position is all that’s allowed or can only have good sex with a man or with a woman who is not their wife.  Were Christian women allowed to run free before marriage, having sex with whomever, I expect they might support universal access to birth control.  Indeed, I suspect a few of them might not even get married at all.

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Montana Resists

Crazy Supremes:  in the front row–except Ginsburg.  Not-crazy Supremes:  in the back row, except Alito.

Montana has an old law on the books that says corporations can’t give money to candidates running for election.  Seems that Montana had a taste of corporate corruption back in the early years of the twentieth-century, when large mining companies ran roughshod over local politics.  So in 1912 they made it illegal for anyone except individual persons to give money to candidates for political office.

This old decision has now washed right up against Citizens’ United, wherein four crazed Rethug Supremes (along with Anthony Kennedy, who is sometimes on the correct side of things but not this time) said that corporations are people who have the right of free speech.  Or something.

So Montana’s very own Supremes ruled back in December of last year that Citizens United was invalid in their state.  The text of the Montana decision makes clear that the justices knew they would be over-ruled by the crazy US Supremes, but they stoutly defended their law anyhow.  Sure enough, in January the crazy US Supremes put a stay on the Montana decision, so that the Koch brothers and their ilk can badger the good folks of Montana with wall-to-wall lying ads, just as they are doing in every other state in the union.

There is a bright side, however.  Two of the not-crazy Supremes (Ginsburg and Breyer) wrote a dissent in which they said, in essence, that Citizens’ United was a crazy law because, duh, corporations are not people.  So maybe they and the other two not-crazies (Kagan and Sotomayor) can convince Kennedy to rethink, now that it has become crystal clear that his earlier decision leads to corruption.

If you want to read more about this, Dahlia Lithwick over a Slate has a good piece on it:  http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2012/01/montana_supreme_court_citizens_united_can_montana_get_away_with_defying_the supreme_court_.html

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Unluckily Named

I’ve been watching the combine today because the defensive players are up, and all of Nebraska’s NFL candidates play defense.   I’ve suffered through hours and hours of Rich Eisen’s beebling and self-promotion in order to watch Nebraska’s guys do their thing.

Jared Crick and Lavonte David worked out today, but in different categories (Crick is a lineman, David a linebacker).  Because the athletes perform in alphabetical order, both came up pretty early.  Just in time, in fact, for ESPN to take a commercial break.  So I missed both guys running the 40-yard dash–not once but twice.  I did catch each of them in a couple of field drills, along with everyone else.  But neither was ever shown jumping either high or long, despite the fact that David put up the third best vertical jump in the group.

Nebraska’s Alphonse Dennard will strut his stuff tomorrow.   During the pizza commercials, no doubt.  Too bad he’s not named Acho.  Or Zbignewski.

PS:  Draftsite.com predicts that Crick and Dennard will be drafted in the first round, to New England and Detroit, respectively.  David is projected for the second round, to Chicago.  So I’m not just sour-graping here.

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Cats and Socks

Inky loves socks.  He snatches them off of the dresser and out of the dirty clothes basket.  Yesterday he tried to steal one right off my foot!  When he captures a sock he races throughout the house with it in his mouth.  He tosses it into the air, jumps up to catch it, and races off as though all the devils in hell were at his heels, caroming off corners as he goes.

I thought these tactics were an Inkyosyncracy, but a quick search of the web suggests that  many cats like socks.  I wonder why.

PS:  Sorry to put up so many Inky posts.  The cats I used to live with concentrated all their energy on sleeping and eating.  So I’m surprised every new behavior.

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I Beg To Differ

Been watching the combine.  Offensive linemen worked out today.  Seems the ESPN guys show their cool by calling these guys “big uglies” or even “big sloppies.”

Hmm.  I give you Matt Kalil, OL from USC.

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