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Walkin’ in a Summer Wonderland

the Rio de Flag is in the middle of those flowers somewhere


pond at the wastewater treatment plant, looking idyllic

above the Rio de Flag


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   He hits one out of the park (sorry, wrong game…)

Nothing like a nice, refreshing left-wing rant to add a little lift to the day. ahhh.

here’s the url if the link above doesn’t work:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-maher/todd-akin-republicans_b_1826617.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false

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Classed With the Also-Rans

This morning I watched ESPN’s coverage of the Big Ten conference.   They did long segments on Wisconsin and Michigan, which is not surprising given that these two teams are the class of the conference and may even compete for a national championship.   They also did longish segments on Michigan State, which lost its stellar quarterback to the pros in the draft, and on Ohio State, even though one of the commentators said he’d be surprised if Ohio State won more than five games even with the shiny new presence of coach Urban Meyer.   The Buckeyes can’t go to a post-season game, after all, and their ranks were decimated by last year’s scandal.

I guess I can understand all this, given that Ohio State is a perennial winner, as is Meyer, and Michigan State is a sort of Cinderella team, having beaten Wiscy last year with a thrilling hail mary pass.  But I’d like to modestly point out that Nebraska beat both these teams handily last year.

Then there was another long segment on Penn State, in which they milked all the sentiment they could squeeze out for their embattled coach and remaining players.   Blech.  Penn State will be lucky if it can win its non-conference games this season.

And as for the rest of the Big Ten?  Well, the other seven teams earned blanket coverage amounting to about five minutes altogether.   IOW, ESPN’s coverage of Nebraska was lumped in with that of Minnesota, Indiana, Northwestern, Purdue, and Illinois.   No offense to those fine schools, but their football teams haven’t won anything, let alone challenged for a divisional or conference championship, since, well, forever.   And if I were an Iowa fan, I’d be more than a little pissed at being lumped in with these perennial losers.

To add insult, ESPN finished up with a segment on “players to watch.”  After naming guys from mostly from Wisconsin and Michigan, natch, they also flashed a graphic showing Big Ten players that are on lists of players likely to receive awards.  Lo and behold, there was Nebraska’s Rex Burkhead, candidate for the Doak Walker and several other awards.   The moderators’ reaction?   “Oh yeah–we forgot about Burkhead.”

Now I’ll grant that Nebraska will probably be no better than they were last year.   But they went 9-4 last year, which is way better than anybody except the conference big boys did (including Penn State, which they graciously played after the Sandusky scandal broke, and, as Trep pointed out, beat by just enough points).   I will also grant that I am a partisan–to paraphrase the odious Joe Scarborough, I’m in the tank for the Big Red.  But surely Nebraska, with its glorious history, its huge fan base, and its usually-pretty-good teams, deserves a bit more respect than this?

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Apparently the Chreestyens tell themselves that women secrete some  sort of magic juice during a rape that protects them from pregnancies.   At least that’s what representative Todd Akin of Missouri said this morning.  Of course this nonsense is a ploy to protect Chreestyens from the real-life implications of their belief that no abortion ought to be allowed, ever.

Akin seems to have cooked his own political juice with this admission.  His use of the term”legitimate rape,” apparently to designate those rapes where the magic juices flow, has started a firestorm in the Republican party.  Karl Rove pulled his PAC money, and John Cornyn (no bright bulb hisself) has threatened to pull the party’s money as well if Akin doesn’t quit the race for the Senate against Claire McCaskill.

The point to note, however, is not that the Republicans got all prissy over the implication that rape is ever legitimate.  Nope.  What they’re exercised about is that Akin let the truth slip:  Rethugs just can’t believe that men force women to have sex.  Nah; women are always somehow at fault because they took out the garbage late at night, or wore their skirt too short,  or were just too cute at the age of twelve for that lusty father or uncle to resist.  Rethugs have to believe this;  otherwise they couldn’t support personhood bills, which would make every sex act, including rape and incest, liable to government intervention.

IOW, in the Rethug imagination, most if not all rapes are “illegitimate,” which means, on some level, that they believe women are always complicit in their own abuse.

This morning Obama allowed as how this incident demonstrates that men are generally so ignorant about lady parts that they should never be allowed to legislate reproductive issues.   Too true, Bill.

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Tebow Follies

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Tim Tebow’s sexy faux-Jesus photo shoot for GQ.   The photos are all over the web (Huffpost has the goods, for example), so I won’t sully this blog by posting them.  Then yesterday, against the NY Giants, Tebow threw a pass to wide-open receiver in the end zone.   Only he threw it into the ground.  Tebow explained by saying “I was aiming for the pylon.”  Yeah sure.

But according the the Onion, the ground has become Tebow’s favorite receiver–in fact he’s become expert at throwing passes exactly between the numbers–on the grass:

“At a press conference at the team’s practice facilities, Jets head coach Rex Ryan said Tebow had developed great chemistry with the ground, adding that Tebow threw to the ground not just during scrimmages, but also throughout passing drills and warm-ups. Ryan noted that Tebow often stayed after practice with the QB coach throwing to the ground for hours.

“I’m impressed by how fast a deep bond formed between the ground and Tim,” said Ryan, adding that Tebow and the ground were on the same wavelength and on the path to becoming one the most memorable passing combinations in the franchise’s history. “Overall, Tebow and the ground share very similar characteristics and mindsets.”

For the rest, mouse over to:


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Decked Out

No more weather treatments, loose nails, splinters…

Good views from all levels

Fully inspected

The new surface material is a ‘composite wood’ called MoistureShield.  It’s 95% recycled from wood waste and stuff like plastic bags, and comes with a 50(!) year warranty.   I don’t know if it’s offered in Phoenix – it might melt.  (heh heh.  really it has nearly the same flammability as wood.)

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It’s Saturday morning, and I’m ready to put on my red shirt, make some popcorn, and settle in to watch the Cornhuskers make mincemeat of somebody or other, as Rex Burkhead is doing in the photo, last year against Washington.  But the popcorn will get stale if I do–their first game is two whole weeks away.

In the meantime I’m watching preseason pro football.  It’s pretty thin gruel, given that the starters play only a few snaps before the coaches put in backups so they can figure out who to play when the season, and the inevitable injuries, begin.  Last evening, though, I watched the Detroit Lions play the Baltimore Ravens, and it was a pretty good game for the first few series, when the Ravens’ legends Ed Reed and Ray Rice and Ray Lewis were still playing.   Baltimore is using a no-huddle offense this year, and they confused Detroit’s big uglies on the defensive line for a couple of snaps.  They also dance around a lot on defense, but their antics didn’t confuse Detroit’s quarterback, Matt Stafford, for a second.  Stafford completed two magical passes to Calvin Johnson–I swear, watching those two guys at work together is like watching a ballet.

Here’s Johnson thumbing his nose at the Baltimore defense:

But hey, he couldn’t do that if Stafford’s pass was any less accurate.

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