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Dog Shoots Man


Get off my lawn!

So:  dog is riding in truck bed.  Steps on or kicks loaded gun and wounds driver-owner in the leg.  Guy is okay and, refreshingly, has no plans to shoot dog.  Police are skeptical (and no doubt amused).  Serves the fool right for driving around with a loaded gun in the truck bed.  Mediaite has a raft of similar tales if you’re interested:  http://www.mediaite.com/online/ruff-trend-dog-shoots-man-again.


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Men in Tights

512d1783a5dc7.preview-620Time for my annual post about the NFL combine.   This here is Nebraska’s Rex Burkhead participating in a drill.  The NFL has him ranked 10th as an RB, despite the fact that he wears black socks with white shoes.  And last I saw, Nebraska’s kicker, Brett Maher, was ranked third.  So these two will probably get drafted this year.

I didn’t watch the combine as religiously as I have in previous years.  All the experts agreed that this year’s draft is not in the same league as last year’s.  But then not many years produce so many outstanding QBs–Luck, Wilson, RGIII or great defensive players like Luke Keuchly who can start, and excel,  in the NFL right away.

More to the point, though, I have come to detest ESPN’s main commentators–none of whom were outstanding NFL players–who drone on and on while the truly great players on their staff–like Warren Sapp, Marshall Faulk, and Kurt Warner–are allowed to speak only once in awhile.  And Deion Sanders is used mostly as schtick, even though he is one of the greatest ever to play the game and can teach all us fans a lot when he gets to talk seriously about football.

Underarmor sponsors wall-to-wall coverage of the combine so that people can see the world’s best-built athletes wearing their funny clothes.  Because Burkhead is a running back, he and the other RBs, along with the quarterbacks, had to wear the blue, red, and black horrorshow shown in the photo.  I especially hate the funny socks.  But Underarmor saved the worst for the defensive backs:

2013 NFL Combine

These underpinnings belong to D. C. Jefferson of Rutgers, who is probably glad that his face doesn’t appear in the same picture as his shoes and socks.

If you want to see more photos, try Getty images or the major teevee sports networks–CBS and Fox, and the NFL network.

(And thanks to Desert Democrat for the title to this post).

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Check This!


Seems I’ve earned enough brownie points at my bank to get free checks.  Not only free, but printed with fancy motifs.  My banker, Mary, knew right away which one I’d want.

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Same As It Ever Was


A fifteenth-century manuscript from Croatia.

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Art Influences Life


They went and did it!   Mississippi finally ratified the thirteenth amendment.

Let’s see:  the amendment was passed by the House of Representatives in 1864, the Senate in 1865, and ratified by a sufficient number of states to become law that same year.  And even though President Johnson encouraged the defeated Confederate states to ratify, Mississippi did not do so until one hundred years later, when an embarrassed member of the state legislature pointed this out to his colleagues.

Oddly enough, the ratification papers drawn up in 1995 never made it to the National Archives, which is required to make passage official.  This oversight was discovered a few weeks ago by a couple of professors at Ole Miss, who began to wonder about the status of slavery in their state after seeing the movie Lincoln.  When the profs discovered to their horror that Mississippi was still a slave state they notified Mississippi’s secretary of state, who hurriedly found the requisite bill (maybe it fell under his desk?) and passed it along the fed.


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At Last!

Bushetal largeTonight MSNBC will air a program based on Hubris:  The Inside Story of Spin,  Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War, the 2006 book by David Corn and Michael Isikoff.  This morning Isikoff was interviewed by Chuck Todd, whose faked surprise on hearing Isikoff’s claims was every bit as transparently false as the Bushies’ evidence for WMD.   Todd wanted to know why we were only finding out about this now.

Gasp!  Chuck Todd is a bad actor–in both senses.  Granted, in 2002 nearly 90% of the American people had been convinced (via media barrage, in which Todd and his ilk happily participated) that Saddam had gathered WMD (in part from Niger, of all places) and that he was bosom buddies with Osama bin Laden (never mind that OBL thought Saddam was a heretic).  And so the people clamored for war.  Apparently.

Ignore the millions of people who turned out in streets the world over to protest impending war in 2002.  Ignore the hundreds of thousands who protested in the streets of New York and Los Angeles and Bullpuppy, Idaho.  My friends all knew that the claims about WMD were bogus, and we talked of virtually nothing else during those awful months.

Then, when American soldiers invaded Iraq, at an estimated cost of 100,000 Iraqi lives and permitted, among other horrors, the looting of museums containing priceless ancient artifacts, most Americans were still gung-ho for the war.  Apparently.  Despite Joe Wilson’s demonstration of presidential prevarication;  despite repeated failed attempts to find WMD in Iraq;  despite General Powell’s eventual admission that he had been misled when he testified at the UN;  it was not until the war dragged on for ten long years and the soldiers who did manage to come home were often horribly maimed that misgivings began to percolate through the 90%.

Between 2001 and 2008 I consumed a veritable pile of books critical of Bush’s presidency (not to mention a couple of shelves’ worth of books about 9/11, as my long-suffering friends know all too well).  Not one of the authors of these books believed the lies being promulgated by Cheney et al.  So had it not been for a gung-ho press willing to buy and promulgate Bush’s lies (I’m looking at you, Chuck Todd), perhaps that war might never have happened.

Tonight’s show is too little, too late.  But it’s something.

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Thought you got rid of me, didn’t you.  Well that’s SENATOR Warren to you, ya bums!

I love this woman.  The Rethugs wouldn’t let her run the consumer protection bureau she invented, so she went home to Massachusetts and got herself elected to the Senate by soundly defeating Mr. Rethuglican Cover Boy.  Now she’s back in DC, and she’s got herself a seat on the banking committee.   In case you haven’t heard, yesterday she reamed the bank regulators who assumed they had come before the committee to beeble on about anything other than why they haven’t done their jobs (video at HuffPost).

I love the way Warren comes on all soft-voiced and feminine while she demonstrates that she is the smartest and toughest person in the room.  Any woman who achieved tenure at Harvard is used to doing end runs around good ol’ boys.  And the good ol’ boys at Harvard are a lot smarter than the senile old farts who run the Rethuglican party.

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