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2For awhile I’ve been thinking that America is about to take a leftward turn.  This is just a hunch–no more than that.  If there is any reasoning behind my hope, it’s that the right wing has become so unhinged, and so arrogant, that people will reject both its lies and its policies.  My hope lies especially with young people and traditionally disenfranchised communities.  And there are a lot of Americans inhabiting that last category:  women, minorities, poor folks.

Tomorrow, thanks to the Rethugs, the allocation for food stamps will be cut.  People who are trying to feed families cannot afford to lose even twenty dollars a week, as many will.  The people who run food banks are saying that they can barely supply enough help as it is, and that they will not have enough food to feed the hungry after this cut kicks in.

What is the matter with politicians who take food away from hungry children?  Even if they can’t muster up even the tiniest sympathy for others (they appear to be flat incapable of empathy, that more subtle emotion), surely they must be aware of the cold fact that malnourished children grow up to be less healthy and therefore less productive citizens.  Or is this is exactly what they want–a citizenry that is so enfeebled by want that it cannot rebel?

I’ve lived a long time, and until the Tea Party emerged I had never seen a group whose values were so repugnant (well, there was the Klan).  In their massive ignorance, their willingness to be seduced by the lies of Rush Limbaugh and his viperous ilk, Teepeers have seen to it that an entire class of people has newly become poverty-stricken.  The TPs’ values reek of self-regard–they simply think they are better than the rest of us–while wealthy people like the Koch brothers reap the reward of TP smugness.  Tepeers condemn those without adequate health care because, in their minds, those “other people” don’t work (never mind that Rethug economic policies created widespread joblessness and gave business owners a sellers’ market).  They convict the jobless of laziness (never mind that many are disabled or homeless or have no means of transportation or have small children).

This sickens me.  We are living in an ethical desert.  I can’t stand even to look at the Rethugs who populate my teevee screen and who parrot lies and fantasy with a straight face.  Their latest schtick is to cry about people whose insurance policies are being revoked because the policies don’t meet the standards set by the ACA.  Of course they leave out the fact that the ACA requires insurance companies who peddle these schlock policies to substitute better ones, sometimes for less money.

To paraphrase Henry II:  Will no none rid us of these meddlesome pests?


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Bad Tooth

i053Last week, while I was trying to wake up, Inky happened to yawn in my face.  Yeech!  His breath was terrible, so I took him to see Z the vet.  After we got him down off the highest shelf in the examining room, Z determined that he has an infected tooth.  It’s one of the sm ones near the back of his mouth.  Z gave him a shot of that wonderful new antibiotic that lasts for two weeks, and ordered me to bring him in for surgery in a week, which is this morning.

Remembering what happened to Spooky, I am nervous (as a cat, yeah, I thought of that, too).  Z remembers Spooky too, and she assured me that there were no lumps or bumps in Inky’s jaw.  We don’t know how old Inky is, but he seems too young to be having tooth problems already.  So I worry.  He’s been neutered, so he can survive anesthesia okay, but still, I worry.

He’s not speaking to me right now because he didn’t get any breakfast.  I hope he’ll yawn in my face tomorrow morning.

UPDATE:   Z just called–Inky did fine, she found no evidence of cancer, had to pull two teeth, though.

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index.cfmAnd that goes for your entire ilk, buster.  Meaning redneck old white guys who are too stupid to be allowed out in public.  I fervently wish I never ever had to see or listen to another one of you anywhere, anytime, because not one of you has anything to say that is even remotely worth listening to.

The guy in the photo is of course Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas (that home of class and grace) who has been outed as the Rethug who apparently said the phrase in my title to  the President of the United States.  Rumor is that Sessions was outed by the ostensibly mild-mannered Harry Reid.  GO HARRY!

According to HuffPost Sessions and the White House are denying all over the place that the offensive remark was ever made.  I dunno why the WH is protecting this maroon–the Secret Service should have staked him out on the front lawn the second he said it.  And left him there.

Do you suppose that on some level these dumbos realize that President Obama is three times the man any of them are?

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It’s Official

define-bleeding-heart-1Esquire has done a sweeping new poll of American political beliefs.   They claim their poll shows that there are at least eight different sets of beliefs, with traditional liberals making up only 21 percent of the people, while traditional conservatives make up another 25 percent.  The rest constitute  what the editors are calling “the new American center.”

You can read all about it at their site.  There is also an abbreviated poll you can take to see where you fall on the spectrum of belief.  I did so, and quel surprise:  I’m a bleeding-heart liberal.   Go here if you want to see where you measure up:  http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/center-interactive-quiz.

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The Frighteners


They even look a bit alike.

This morning I heard Ted Cruz speaking to a group of Chreestyen activists.  He scared me.  He uses the same rhetorical tactics as Joe McCarthy, appealing to fear and division.  He separates himself and the audience, as good Americans, from others who don’t share their beliefs and tactics–just as McCarthy did.  But this morning he went a little further, painting events in apocalyptic terms.  He even appealed, albeit subtly, to the audience’s belief in the Second Coming.

I remember hearing Joe McCarthy speak.  Granted, I was a child at the time.  But he scared me with his yelling and his name-calling.  Or maybe I was scared because he scared my parents.  In any case those memories were churned up (and started my stomach churning as well) as I watched Cruz speaking to an enraptured group of crypto-fascist, arch-religious conservatives.

The resemblance between these two demagogues is flat scary.   FSM save us when the end-timing survivalist gun-totin’ Christfascists decide that democratic means will not get them what they want.  Moments like these get me hoping that Dante was right when he reserved the ninth circle of Hell for fraudsters–those who knowingly work evil on others.

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This morning on “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski appeared wearing a suit instead of the more casual wear she obviously prefers.  And a very nice suit it was, too, well-tailored and correctly fitted.  Ms. Brzezinski is often the only woman on the set, and the only liberal.  Because of these things, she is regularly subjected to a good deal of ribbing from her horrid co-host and his minions.

This morning, though, as the group remarked on her suit, she looked down at it and said “I know.  I look like a Republican.”

Game, set, match.

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Of Course!

139This morning somebody on the teevee (can’t remember who) said that what the Rethugs really fear is that the Tea Party will break away and form their own party.

Well, duh.  Can’t believe I didn’t see that for myself.  If the TeePeeers split, they’ll be able to nominate and run all the nuts and cranks they want, no doubt lavishly funded by the Koch brothers and the Club for Growth.  While a few sane older white people might still vote Rethug, out of habit if nothing else, I can’t imagine who will still give money to the likes of Rinse Pebble and his ilk.  Which is kinda sad, given that the Rethugs have gone around the bend, ideologically, in order to keep the TeePeeers happy and not because they were so inclined.  Case in point:  Mitt Romney, who really wanted to run as a rich fuck, not as a nut or crank.

Official split or no, the crevasse opening up between these factions can only deliver gravy to the Democrats.  Who now have women, young people, brown people, black people, gay people and goddess knows who else on their side thanks to the TeePeers’ insanity.

Good times ahead.  That is, if American democracy can survive the current constitutional crisis.

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