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I’m watching a discussion of gay marriage on some talk show.  It’s hilarious, and I hope a harbinger of things to come on other issues.  As participants reviewed state-wide polling which shows that gay marriage is supported even in red states like Indiana, the White Guy  representing a “traditional marriage” group just lost it.  He interrupted, shouted, perspired, waved his arms, and claimed that the others were calling his people “bigots.”  The host had to go to commercial to shut him up.

All in all, a most satisfying performance.  I long for the day when all racists and sexists find themselves in the same boat, all the time.  Although I don’t suppose they’ll learn to shut up even when others laugh at them, as the rest of the panelists did this morning.

IN OTHER NEWS:  I’m feeling much better this morning.  Finally.  I think I had both a flu and a sinus infection.  These in turn may may have been exacerbated by the antibiotics prescribed for cat bite.  As my own doc said, when I was finally able to report my woes to her, “You know that’s a very powerful antibiotic you’re taking, don’t you?”  I hadn’t realized that antibios had negative side effects, although I should have.  Anyhow, altogether the illnesses lasted almost three weeks.  A good reason to stay away from sites of infection–including Inky’s teeth–in the future.


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Silent Night

star-filled-night-sky-awesome-stories_413468Early this morning I took the garbage out.  On the way to the road I looked up at the sky and was stopped in my tracks by its beauty.  There aren’t many lights out where I live, so the stars were on display in all their grandeur.  Wow.

I found myself apologizing to earth for all the harm we are causing it.   Yet the scene also caused me to realize that earth will survive us.  Probably much changed, but it will endure.

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628x471I guess he traded in his Harley for this cool convertible.

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Head Peckerwood

I’ve never watched Duck Dynasty, although I’m told by the younger men I run into that “it’s the coolest show ever.”  But as we’ve all learned (to our sorrow) this week, the show features a family of Louisiana rednecks whose beliefs are every bit as abhorrent as that description suggests they might be.  Their so-called “patriarch” repeated a canard about happy black folks that dates at least to the seventeenth-century, opining that “before welfare, they didn’t sing the blues.”  This would be funny if it weren’t so awful:  just who does this guy think invented the blues?

The patriarch also issued a homophobic rant which included the following claim:  “It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying?”

Interesting how he doesn’t realize how much he’s given away about his “thinking” here.  To him, women are vaginas.  From this he reasons that men are only assholes (not in a metaphorical sense) to gay men.  In other words, the patriarch views sex as use, as a receptacle.  This belief is afforded him by his privileged position as a white straight male, of course.  As such, he need never imagine the position of those who are not so privileged;  he need only project his own beliefs and needs on the world.  Note how he assumes that his audience (“dudes”) is similarly positioned, that they understand each other without more articulation.   This assumption may explain his appalling stupidity, as well;   he has gotten on without investing much in original thought.

This may be why peckerwoods have recently become so angry and uneasy:  they’ve realized, if only partly consciously, that their privilege is eroding insofar as it no longer goes without saying, and without possible consequence, that a white man can use/abuse other people in any way he wishes.

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15584118-emoticon-with-nauseaSorry I haven’t posted in a week or so.  I’ve been sick with a flu, or flu-like symptoms–fierce headache (my hair even hurts!), body aches, stomach upset–the works.  These appeared the day after Inky bit me, and I worried for awhile that was the cause.  But now the malady is behaving more respectably like a flu.

I’ve been lucky insofar as the flu is concerned–maybe forty years of teaching rendered me immune to some germs.  But I’m having a seasonal bout more regularly lately, so maybe my immunities are wearing off.  A flu shot is on the agenda–I’m off to see my doc this morning.

Cue thoughts about the barn and the cow.

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Feline Felon

cat_file.gifWell, now it’s official:   Inky is in jail.

Here’s the sad tale.  Monday morning, early, Inky brought a caterpillar into the bedroom.   The wily beast tried to escape by running up the curtains, and Inky went after it, claws at the ready.  I worried that he would shred the curtains.  So I grabbed the thing in a kleenex and took it out to the garage, where it got away from me and wriggled its way under the car.

As I turned to go back in the house I saw Inky coming after me in full display mode–back hair up, tail fat, ears back.  He leapt up and bit me high on my leg.  Ouch!  I could not get him to calm down, so I made my way back into the house and shut him in the garage for awhile.   An hour later he was like “Hi!  What’s for lunch?”

In the meantime I got on the internet to find out what would make a cat do such a thing.  The tubez informed me that I had done invoked dominance behavior in Inky when I took his prey away.  The display, and the bite, were meant to reinforce his status as top cat in this house.  I was still worried, though, so I took him to see the vet.  She discovered that his anal glands were thoroughly blocked and probably causing him pain.  She also sat me down and gave me a lecture about cat behavior–how to play and work with them so as not to piss them off.  Apparently even the calmest cat (which Inky is not) can be provoked into biting the hand that feeds them.  She then took a look at my bite and instructed me to get to a doc because cat bites can be very dangerous.

So Tuesday I made my way over to urgent care (misnomer of the decade).  I had to fill out paperwork, and when it was discovered that I had a cat bite, I was made to fill out a form from Animal Control.  Then I waited, and waited, and waited to see a doc.  The kindly old gent who finally saw me poked at my wounds, which by this time were pretty much swollen and bruised, and recommended an antibiotic–the very same one the vet recommended.  And then he gave me the the same lecture I got from the vet and sent me home.

This morning, I was contacted by a very nice woman from Animal Control, who came over to my house to take Inky’s picture and a picture of my wounds.  I gave her a copy of his rabies vaccination certificate, she took her pictures, and consigned Inky to house arrest for ten days.  She assured me that’s the last I’ll hear of the incident.  Of course, she gave Inky a number and entered his mug and his info into her system as she said this.

I hope Sheriff Joe doesn’t get word of this.

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