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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s Sassy, minus about ten pounds of hair.  The vet’s office calls this a “lion cut.”  On the day Sassy got her haircut, four other cats were waiting to have the same procedure.  Longhaired cats who live here in the Valley of the Morlocks need to be shaved in summertime, not only for their comfort, but for their owners’ convenience.  I got real tired of picking up floating blobs of cat hair from the tile floors and off rugs and my clothes every day, all day.

For reference, here is Sassy fully enhaired:




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Oh Noes!

Today May 27





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Small Furloughs

419pUSBgQ4L._SY300_I’ve been letting Inky out of his cage for short periods this week.  Z wants him to get some exercise, but he has to be supervised in case he tries to jump up on something and falls.

He spent most of his “free” time on the first day sniffing all around the cage and its environs, as though he’d never seen or smelled the bathroom before.  After a few minutes of exploration he climbed back into the cage.  The next day when I let him out he moved on to the bedroom, sniffing away–the bed, the furniture, the cat toys–as though he’d been away for years.  On the third day he climbed up on the cat tree, carefully taking the levels one at a time.  After he perched awhile on the very top, though, he began to eye the nearby armoire.  I called a halt at that point and carried him back to his cage.

Needless to say I was persona non grata for the next few hours.

He’s been in the cage for seven weeks today.  Z wants him to stay two or three weeks more, until the pelvic bone is fully healed.   I’m not sure I can take the stress.

Stay tuned.

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dorwart03This yere is Quincy Enunwa, known to his friends as “Q.”  Enunwa was drafted yesterday by the Noo Yawk Jets.  I picked this picture to please Mr. Desert, who is a Rabid Fan of said Jets but sometimes worries that they are not aggressive enough.  I expect at least two Jets shirts with “Enunwa” printed on the back will be ordered soon from the Valley of the Morlocks.

Two other Huskers were also drafted:  Stanley Jean-Baptiste went to the New Orleans Saints (lucky fellow!).  Spencer Long was drafted by the Washington Redskins, where he can renew acquaintance with other former Huskers such as Roy Helu and Dejon Gomes.  Let’s hope this team is soon shamed into changing their name.

Nebraska didn’t log 6 or 7 draftees like Florida State, Alabama, and Ohio State, but three is nothing to be ashamed of.  And SJB and Long were taken in the second and third rounds respectively, which shows that Nebraska talent has caught some scouts’ attention.  I haven’t heard yet about free agency, but several talented Huskers are in that category.

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No Reprieve

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI took Inky to the vet yesterday to see if his pelvic bone had healed well enough to let him out of his cage.  It’s been five weeks now, and he is nearly as tired of being confined as I am weary of emptying his litter box two or three times a day.

Z did a thorough examination that elicited a small yelp from Inky when she pressed lightly on the affected hip.  She also watched him scamper across the exam room floor as he tried to get back to the relative security of his carrier.  She was inclined at first to “grant release,” which term seemed to me a bit judicial for the situation.  But, given his propensity to jump onto high things–armoires, pot shelves, bookcases, I asked for an x-ray.  Good thing, as it turned out.

The small hairline fracture runs longitudinally through his right pelvic bone just where it connects to the spine.  The x-ray showed that this break is only about half healed, longitudinally.  We could see bone growing in the part of the break that hasn’t closed yet, so that’s good news.  But clearly, Ink is not ready to take up his old ways, which will inevitably include jumping up to the highest point available.

So it’s ANOTHER four to five weeks in the kennel.  Sigh.  Inky has gained a full pound while confined, and that, too, is a worry given the location of the broken bone.  So I am instructed to see that he gets more exercise.  Z suggested walking him around the house on a short leash.  Yeah, right.  So far I’ve resorted to teasing him with a ribbon toy so he runs around the walls of the cage, but that seems really unfair.  Any ideas?


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In Memoriam

IMGThis is my beautiful sister, who died last week.  She was warm, and funny, a great teacher, and much loved by her family.

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