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Pretty Win, Ugly Unis

EMQBAOAKCIUXXLC.20140928023015Nebraska 45, Illinois 14.

Nebraska beats their first Big Ten opponent without breaking much of a sweat.  Which is too bad.  If they had had to work harder, perhaps some alert laundry person would be able to lose these unis forever.  And what about those shoes?  The linemen sported especially garish gold-lined versions of red high-topped boots (embiggen for the full effect).  Ugh.

Anyhow, the team played well, racking up 400 yards running, just as Nebraska teams used to do.  At last–Bo Pelini gets a clue.  This one was fun to watch–when I could see it.  Thunderstorms futzed up my satellite dish throughout the game.  Wouldn’t you know–dry all day, and then rain begins to fall just when the game starts.

Bottom line:  Nebraska is 5-0, undefeated through five games.

Caveat:  Husker faithful have a week to enjoy success, because Michigan State is next.


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No Smoke, No Fire

indexI was rousted out of bed at 2:30 am yesterday morning by all six smoke alarms in the house going off at once.   I jumped, literally, out of bed and ran all through every room sniffing for smoke.  None.  Checking for a car fire (unlikely in a Prius), I found Inky in the garage, hair spiked so that he was half again his normal size.  Sassy was cowering under my bed (she’s not the smartest cat I’ve ever lived with).  I got dressed and went outside to sniff the neighborhood.  No smoke anywhere.

And then, suddenly, the alarms all quit yammering.  Just like that.  Once I calmed down I got on the internet and discovered that dust or cobwebs can make smoke alarms go off.  Also, they just get old and malfunction-y.  So I called up my friendly handyman, who is coming over this morning with his tall ladder to install the six new smoke alarms I bought yesterday at the local hardware store.  Between handy and the hardware, this little venture will cost me a couple hundred bucks.

It’s worth it, of course.  An experience like yesterday morning can put the fear of God into even the most devout atheist.  It can also make said atheist rethink her habit of sleeping in the nude.

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Twenty Years On

541e2aed35497.imageNebraska beats Miami in Lincoln–just as they did in Miami in 1994.  Only this time neither team was as good as both were back in the day.  Nonetheless, it was a good game, close all the way, and lots of fun to watch.   The Deserts came over to help me live through it–thanks, guys.

And oh yeah, that Abdullah guy–he’s awesome.  Nebraska relied on him, and the running game, to wear down Miami’s defense.  He gained over three hundred yards last night, and in the meantime he broke Heisman winner Johnny Rogers’ all-purpose running record, racking up over 5600 yards in his time at NU.


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Seems Like Old Times–Sorta

5021d3b68bc0a.imageThe gentleman carrying the football in this photo is Nebraska quarterback Tommie Frazier.  The game is the 1995 Orange Bowl, played between Nebraska and Miami.  The National Championship was at stake, and as you no doubt suspect, Nebraska won the game and the championship, giving Coach Tom Osborne his first–but not his last–championship.

This game is shown regularly on the teevee, probably because of the many famous players who took part.  Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp played for Miami.  Both had long pro careers and are now announcing games for the NFL network.  Nebraska’s team included Corey Schlesinger, Grant Wistrom, Mike Rucker, Jason Peter, Zach Wiegert, and several others who enjoyed long pro careers.

I allude to this game today because Nebraska will play Miami once again, on Saturday night in Lincoln, for the first time in a long while.  Back in the day, (the ’80s and ’90s) it seemed to us Husker fans that every year, after our team had mowed down every football team in the midwest, some damned Florida team always stood between Nebraska and the National Championship.  This stretch included the famous 1983 Orange Bowl, when Dr. Tom decided to go for two after the final touchdown of the game rather than take the tie and share the Championship.  Famously, the attempt failed, but it firmly cemented Osborn’s reputation as a gutsy coach.

Husker fans haven’t forgotten that night in 1983.  This shirt is now on sale:


Of course this legend has salience for Saturday night’s game as well.

Go Big Red!

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The media have worked themselves into a froth over the emergence of a video that shows an NFL player hitting a woman so hard she falls to the floor unconscious.  This is the second video of the incident to have emerged:  the first showed the player dragging the unconscious woman out of an elevator.

Following release of the first video, the NFL suspended the player for two games.  To put this punishment into context, another player, who was caught smoking grass, was suspended for a year.  I’m cynical enough to suspect that the disparity in levels of punishment stems at least in part from the fact that the smoking dude was not as important to his team as the abusive player is to his.

When the second video emerged, the abusive player was finally fired by his team and suspended indefinitely by the NFL.  The commissioner of the league claims that he had not seen the second video until now, as did the coach of the player’s team.

As if.  As if the first video of the woman’s unconscious body being dragged from an elevator were not evidence enough that the player is abusive.  As if the NFL can’t get its hands on any video relevant to maintenance of its image–particularly when the video in question was filmed at a casino!  Without doubt, somebody at the NFL saw the whole thing back in February, when all this came down.  Their attorneys recommended a cover-up, and everybody assumed they could get by with the two-game suspension. 

That is to say, the league assumed that the world at large shared their view of the unimportance of women in the general scheme of things.  For many many men, still, women aren’t fully human beings.  For men, women confer status in the male pecking order to the degree that they are beautiful and/or sexy.  Women are also useful as receptacles for male appendages, as producers of children, and as sources of comfort when men are in pain.  Otherwise, women are pretty much invisible within the male imaginary.

So a man hits a woman when she breaks out of the imaginary circle in which men assume women exist, when she asserts her personhood, her independence.  Men hit women when they break some invisible rule or other, a rule a man sometimes makes up on the spot.  This can happen even to a woman who doesn’t want to become visible to the man she lives with, who lives her life trying to stay out of his way, trying to do and say exactly what he wants so he won’t hit her again.

The powerful men who run the NFL operate within this same male imaginary.  They suspect, though, that not everyone views the world in the way they do.  That’s why they tried to suppress the section of the video showing one of their players striking a woman so hard she fell to the ground and remained unconscious for many minutes. 

IOW, business as usual. 

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BigAss Storm

1410183468000-flooding 2

Raining like nobody’s business here in the Valley of the Morlocks.  Chandler, where the Deserts live, got nearly five inches in a few hours.  That’s well over the annual expected rainfall.  Hope you are okay!  Mostly four inches elsewhere.  And rain is predicted for most of today and into tomorrow. 

Where is Noah and his boat when you need him?

My satellite teevee is refusing to talk to the national channels, so I’m entertaining myself by watching the locals.  The Phoenix stations are showing image after image of fools stuck on the interstates.  (Why is is that all of the drenched reporters dispatched to stand on rainy street corners are young women while the anchors snug in the studio are men?  Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question in the popular sense). 

Canals are overflowing their banks, and by now the highway patrol has closed all of the interstates.  Roads have been flooded since the early morning hours, but that didn’t stop people from trying to drive somewhere.  My teevee is showing a photo of a guy trying to push a car off an interstate–water up over his knees–hope he makes it.  Saw some other clowns trying to pull a jeep that had slid down muddy ramp back up onto the freeway by means of a rope tied to the bumper of  another car–good luck guys.

Obvs, I still have power, and a quick circuit of the grounds shows that the work I’ve had done on the drainage was well advised.  The mini-Grand Canyon in my driveway continues to enlarge, however.  But thanks to my genius handyman Steve–he whose every circuit of my house costs a thousand dollars–the windows are not leaking.  Thanks, Steve!

According to my weather app, this storm reaches all through central AZ, north to south.  Hope you are okay too, Trep.  I wish that Norbert, the hurricane who brought us this moisture–had been thoughtful enough to dump some of it on California, where they really, really need it.


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I’m Too Old For This

USATSI_8068860x714The score is tied at 24 all.  Something like 15 seconds remain until the game is over.  If it ends in a tie, Nebraska will have to play overtime against a team that has stayed right with them all game long.  Nebraska has the ball on the way-far-away yard line.  It is third down.

The quarterback hands off to Ameer Abdullah, who apparently said to himself “Fuck this!”  Then he broke three tackles (see photo), bounced off two other guys, and skated the last twenty yards into the end zone.  Nebraska wins!

Excuse me while I try to draw a breath.

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