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This is my favorite picture of Inky–I took it on the first day he came out of the closet, so to speak, wherein he had been hiding since I brought him home from the shelter. My vet guessed that he was then about a year old, but because he grew considerably in the first months he lived with me, I think he may have been younger.

Inky was beautiful. But he also had “issues” as we now say in order to cover over ugly realities. He was aggressive, to use another euphemism. So much so that we went to see a kitty shrink a couple of years ago. We faithfully practiced the exercises she prescribed, and they mostly just tired both of us out. She warned that he would probably never get better, indeed, that the attacks might escalate. And they did. Lately he had begun to attack Sassy, and his attacks on both of us scaled up in frequency and severity.

I don’t know what causes a beautiful animal to attack other creatures. Perhaps he was abused when he was a kitten. Or perhaps he was just wired wrong. In any case, earlier this week after he launched a particularly vicious attack, I asked my vet to euthanize him. She had long ago agreed to do this when the time came, and she did so.

I’m not religious, but I hope nonetheless that death freed Inky from the demons that plagued him.






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You may recall this photo of the agave in my front yard, which I posted on February 17. This plant has been in my yard for fifteen years, and for all that time it just looked, well, leafy.  Then the cool stuff began to happen. When I took this picture it was just beginning to “bloom,” if that tiny word fits what agaves do in their last days.  I posted more pictures on February 29.

Here’s what happened in March:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe stalk got bigger, and began to produce blooms:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt kept on growing until:


Zowie! Taller than the house!  The stalk attracted lots of bees in this stage, which I was happy to see. It still pretty much looks like this, except the blooms are dying now.  And to give you an idea of how much energy all this required, here is the base of the plant as of this morning:


Yes, my agave is dying. It’s what they do, alas.

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In a long (and fun) telephone convo yesterday, Trep and Doc realized that no one has posted here in a long time.  They vowed to do better.


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