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Today marks the 47th anniversary of the massacre at Kent State.

The governor of Ohio called out the National Guard after students may or may not have vandalized the ROTC building on campus. The students were protesting America’s involvement in Vietnam. In those benighted days there was no love lost between students and soldiers in uniform, despite the fact that some of those soldiers had been drafted against their will.

So calling out the troops was a homicidal gesture. Someone among the guardsmen began to fire on the students. There is still controversy over whether anyone gave the order to do so. Four students were killed and several others wounded.


Ten days later a similar event occurred at Jackson State in Mississippi. Police opened fire on students, and 2 young men were killed while 12 other students were wounded.


I was 27 years old in 1970. I participated in anti-war protests when I was in college, well before such activities became so dangerous that “they can’t kill us all” became an anti-war slogan. Vietnam was an especially egregious war, given that the United States started it for political and commercial reasons.

I have remained staunchly opposed to war throughout my long life. I’ve never seen the sense in settling financial or strategic differences by means of the slaughter of young people. After long reflection, I have come to believe that wars are started by old men in order to shore up their manhood. But it is young men (and now women) who are killed and maimed by some old guys’ desire to swing his dick around yet once more.

Consider this image of the Mother of All Bombs, which Trump dropped on Syria for no discernible strategic reason:


Or this insightful image of Slim Pickens from Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove”:


I rest my case.


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While reading, I ran across an archeologist named Oded Lipschitz.  I think it would be great fun to go through life named Oded Lipschitz.

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They Went There

This morning on “Morning Joe” Joe and Mika and their buddies actually discussed out loud whether Trump is mentally ill. Admittedly they had plenty of evidence, including Trump’s saying that Andrew Jackson should have prevented the Civil War. (If only, I add, Jackson hadn’t died sixteen years before the war began).

But that remark can be chalked up to Trump’s ignorance of history, as he is of much else. Less easy to dismiss is the rambling syntax and broken sentences that increasingly mark Trump’s language.


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