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013Christmas Greetings from Southern Arizona!

Salutations!  I’ve been away from this yere blog since November 8, for which absence I apologize. Nonetheless, people still seem to be visiting here. Onward!

Much has happened in the interim. For one thing, Trep and I visited face to face for the first time in years, when she and Cara, her dog, made the trek to my place over Thanksgiving. Funs were had by all, except maybe Cara, briefly, who had a close encounter with a jumping cholla.

The out-of-state visitors have returned to my little resort town, so all us “year-rounders,” as they quaintly call us, have learned once again that we must be very, very, careful at four-way stops and while making right turns. Surely these folks took drivers’ ed or a driving test in their home places?  Or is it just that they think they can forget all that while visiting barbarian Arizona?  Also, the grocery stores and restaurants are packed with people, which means that if one wishes, for example, to take a group of friends to a favorite eatery, one must call ahead–something that is unheard of during the summer months.

And of course Drumpf remains. The president is so repellent to me that I cannot bear to watch or listen to him. Hence I record any news program that I want to watch so that later on I can skim past his appearance. I don’t see how he can escape from Mr. Mueller’s investigation, given even the sketchy public knowledge that is available concerning his actions during the election. The Thugs’ current counter-measure (going after Mueller and the FBI) is surely a sign of their desperation. Of course people who lavish tax cuts on the very rich while wanting to kill the ACA and CHIP and Medicaid are obviously out of touch with reality.

And even as I typed that, I remembered Karl Rove’s ominous message during the second Bush presidency, to the effect that “reality is what we make it.”  Shiver.

But other good stuff has happened this fall. Nebraska’s women won the Big Ten Volleyball Championship in a tie with Penn State, and then they went on to win the National Championship!  Hooray!  The regionals as well as the finals were broadcast this year, so I made mincemeat of my fingernails over several nights of play. No, that’s not really so. Nebraska only had trouble with Penn State (who else?) but finally whupped them in five sets.  Then they won the finale over Florida in four sets. Nobody expected this team, which lost three All-Americans last year, to win much of anything. But nobody was wrong.











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