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Signs of Science

I went to Flagstaff’s March for Science today.  It was a lovely day, the crowd was cheerful, and there were great signs.  Here are some of the more unique or entertaining ones on display






I like her t-shirt!





One for you, Doc!


I empathized with this guy



Cool headgear was on hand as well



And some VERY cool headgear.  No introvert issues here.



The March – um, stroll – got underway from Thorpe Park…


…and went down Aspen St to City Hall.


There, politicians and scientists spoke, and folks cheered cheerfully in response to good lines.

Being Flagstaff, there was plenty of this going on




And being a fine day, some of this as well.


Altogether, Flagstaff put on a fine and fun event.



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would have learned by now to keep his repulsive opinions to himself.

Trump’s slur on John Lewis has made me SO angry. Here is what the twit tweeted: “Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested).”

Here is Rep. Lewis’ congressional district:


You might notice that dab in the middle of the district is a city named “Atlanta.” Does this look like a place that is in “horrible shape”?


I read some statistics on Atlanta: the median income is higher than anywhere else in Georgia and in the upper half of all American cities. Most workers are white collar professionals. Now these statistics don’t mean that there are not pockets of crime in Atlanta. But nowhere did I read that the city was “falling apart.”

No, this ignorant tweet is just another instance of Trump’s racism. In his mind, any city that is predominantly black HAS to be “crime infested” and “in horrible shape.”

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My Newest Neighbor


I don’t think he/she has moved here due to climate change, but I think climate change may be helping him/her survive.  I first saw her last autumn, and figured she came up from Phoenix in the neighbor’s horse trailer.  I felt pretty bad for her then.  Thinking of the cold and the hibernated status of all the lizards to come, I didn’t think she’d survive. But here she is again, this autumn!  I’ve seen her three times in the last month or so, and this time managed to take some pictures.  dsc02146

As she demonstrates here, worms are a handy (hm…beaky?)  stand (uh…lie?) in for lizards.  I don’t know if she’s so round due to snacking on worms or from fluffed feathers.  It’s 40 degrees out and calm.  I think she may just be slightly plump.

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It Has Begun

11/10/16:  5 am

Both morning news shows are bemoaning how the press was so “unfair” and “mean” to Donald Trump during the campaign. (I know this because I switched channels looking for something a bit less galling to watch. I ended up at the Big Ten Network, where two guys were wondering if Minnesota could beat Nebraska on Saturday).

As we all recall, the press treated Hillary with kid gloves. Not.

Is anybody going to apologize to her?  No.

She didn’t win. Trump did.

I think I’m gonna be sick.

When he becomes king in January, Donald Trump will begin the project of destroying the Constitution. As we all learned in school (they actually used to teach this stuff in school), a free press is one cornerstone of democracy. But we are stuck with a corporate press that does the bidding of whatever shit stain wields the power.

Case in point: there were huge protests across the country last night. Shouldn’t that be the lede in this morning’s journalism? But so far there is no sign of any disruption in the narrative. As I type I look up at the teevee screen and see a familiar face. Who is that guy? Oh goddess it’s Eric Cantor. ERIC CANTOR! Is this All Hallows’ Eve? Did I miss something?

We’re doomed.

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I finally downloaded all the photos I’ve taken this summer from cameras into the computer, culled the rejects, and pulled out a few faves to share.  I hope they induce deep breathing and calming brain waves.

dsc_0026 dsc_0040dsc_0058 dsc_0071 7-28-16-rocketflower img_3287

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Fabricated Flowers

Here are the promised pictures, Doc.

Woody is helping here with the layout of ‘Garden Bed’, which will be a full size quilt.  Someday…



This is a pretty rough, and crooked, mock-up for ‘Garden Variety Zebra’, which will be around 2’x3′ in size.  You can see how the off-white fabrics don’t blend in.  I’ll replace them, and I’ve already rearranged the way the stripes on its flank curve.  There may be added touches in the real thing, such as eyelash stitching (did you know zebras have substantial eyelashes?  Me neither) and stitching to accent its mane, and the tufts of hair extending from inside its ears; I hope they’ll add to the overall image rather than seem corny.   I hope I get it done before my sister’s birthday in June!

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